Totally Mommy (kids and family)
15 - Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Elizabeth and Cohost Andy discuss all things sleep now that it is the most important commodity in their lives. Plus, they cover good, the bad, and the funny before diving into listener questions regarding technology and children, why Elizabeth wanted the type of birth that she did, and lastly, how do they feel about Toddlers and Tiaras? Enjoy!

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14 - First Outing Failure w/ Andy!

Elizabeth and her fantastic co-host/baby daddy, Andy, discuss their first outing failure which involved a shaking dog and an epic Oprah meltdown before they dive into listener questions about vegan pregnancy, how to deflect birth choice negativity, what the process is for genetic testing, whether or not cord blood banking is worth it, and how to decide whether staying at home versus continuing a career is the right choice after baby? Enjoy!

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13 - Two Weeks Into Mommyhood w/ Andy!

Our guest, co-host today is Elizabeth's BABY DADDY, Andy! That's right, in case you haven't heard, we are two weeks into this parenthood frenzy and loving (mostly) every minute. We discuss The Good, The Bad & The Funny of being parents, as well as answer listener questions about how to handle overly generous in-laws, whether there's a way to have the birth you want when there's no birth center nearby, if it's a good idea to snag your future kiddos' email address ahead of time, and how to balance working and pursuing your creative dreams as a mama. Enjoy!

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Sisters Talk Mommyhood  w/Anna-Marie Claassen!

Laimemoms, today is a special day! I could NOT be more excited for this - For the first time ever in our over 400 podcasts I have the one, the only, MY SISTER! on as cohost - Anna-Marie Claassen, mom to Wright and Turner (my fave boys on the planet) is here to discuss The Good: Dance parties like no one's watching, me being ready to roll into this motherhood thing!, The Bad: I'm missing our Mom a ton, Anna-Marie's 3 year old is too wily for her to discipline, and The Funny: The things this toddler says! And Elizabeth is definitely bringing fast food into her health conscious birthing center. See if you can tell our voices apart! And Enjoy!

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11 - Wonderful and Brutal w/ Daniella Liben Pally!

Our co-host today is DANIELLA LIBEN PALLY - mom to two year old Cole and one year old GG - two adorable kids with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever invented! We talk The Good: (Cole saying I love you, Elizabeth made a new mom-to-be friend), The Bad: (Getting parenting judgement at the farmers market, Elizabeth has a very big kiddo ready to come out of a very small place) and The Funny: (GG finger painting on the walls with her poop, Elizabeth is once again bad at domesticity). Then they dive into giving their unqualified advice to listener questions including the path through infertility, how to manage feelings when you aren't able to have kids but everyone around you is, what tips mothers might have when flying with infants, whether or not to wait until you are financially secure to have kids, and how to navigate taking time for emotional/mental self care when you are a parent? Leave comments/feedback at - Enjoy!

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10 - Rasp-Babies w/ Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day!

One of Elizabeth's besties and Mom to 2 year old Russell, actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis is today's cohost discussing The Good (Russell's adorable little word swaps, Elizabeth's all set to go at the birth center) The Bad (Russell becoming a crib escape artist, Elizabeth having to put something up her butt) and The Funny (Russell directing his two actor parents, Elizabeth's lack of balance causing a crack up during a special ceremony). Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about empathy for a friend who is struggling with infertility when you are pregnant, whether or not to have the shower after baby arrives, how to get protein in pregnancy as a vegetarian, ideas for gifts for a husband and daddy to be, what are the essentials you need before baby, how to deal with estranged family when it comes to baby, and lastly, how to set boundaries with other moms who are using your play-dates as free babysitting. Enjoy!

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9 - Truck Driver Baby w/ Shelly Slocum!

Actress and Doula/Childbirth educator SHELLY SLOCUM is our cohost today, here to discuss how labor is a perfect microcosm of motherhood! Also, The Good: (Watching her two girls develop such different personalities, Elizabeth getting an education in carseats and feeling like a good mom) The Bad: (Sometimes not wanting to be a mom) and The Funny: (Shelly's daughter making her laugh over a bag of freeze dried strawberries, Elizabeth's baby gift from Shelly). Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions regarding balancing two kids instead of one and how to decide whether or not to find out the sex of your future child! Enjoy!

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8 - Testing Boundaries w/ LeeLee Pitts!

Elizabeth's dear friend Leelee is back co-hosting this week and shares The Good (her lil man turned 1! And Elizabeth had an awesome baby shower), The Bad (Leelee's daughter has been out of sorts, Elizabeth's vulva is no beuno) and The Funny (Leelee's husband had a colorful description of their daughter's behavior, Elizabeth needed snack time during a rock show). Then Leelee has some awesome advice (Elizabeth's is mediocre at best :) to listener questions regarding gender disappointment in pregnancy, dealing with sticky Mother In Law situations, how to handle a "gun situation" with the in laws, and what to do when one child resents the other for the amount of attention he requires. Enjoy!

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Fantastic Mommy cohost for today is comedy actress Stephanie Escajeda! She and Elizabeth discuss The Good: (Joining in the parent club, Elizabeth having forgotten how hard it was to get pregnant) The Bad: (Being sick when your kid is sick means you don't get to be sick!) and The Funny: (Stephanie's daughter "acting", Elizabeth's pregnancy flirting with a motorcycle dude). Then they answer listener questions about placenta encapsulation, how to avoid nosy people when you are struggling with fertility, and whether or not to drink during the two week wait between ovulation and plus sign. Enjoy!

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