Totally Mommy
51 - Christmas Eve Edition!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Here's to a fantastic holiday with your kiddos and loved ones - Elizabeth's all time favorite Co-host, Psychic Andy is back to discuss how the holidays feel different now that we're parents, plus our good/bad/funnies (Christmas munchkins! First waves! Santa lines! Bathtub spills! Clapping while Crying! Eating like a champ!) before answering listener questions about how to ask a relative about why they won't let people hold their baby, to cut or not to cut (your daughter's hair), how to handle the stress of not getting pregnant right away, how to navigate the legalities of assigning guardianship of your child to your sibling should the unthinkable happen, and what to do about difference in parenting styles (ie, spanking versus not),  a heartbreaking question about how and when to tell new people in your life about having lost a child, and lastly, what's a great gender neutral baby gift to give to some hip parents to be? Wishing you all a festive holiday! Enjoy!

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