Totally Mommy
64 - This Too Shall Pass w/Danielle Schneider!

The super talented and lovely and hilarious DANIELLE SCHNEIDER is here to cohost!  We discuss her experience as a super busy working mom, why Sidney Poitier has a special place in her heart and of course, our good/bad/funnies! (Mommy Kisses! Family Connections! Unable to find balance! Wanting to be #1! Disgusting breastmilk tricks! Acting out scenes!) Then we give our unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not to provide homemade food to daycare, if it's okay to (and how to) give momma advice when you see a baby carrier being worn incorrectly, what the deal is with pacifiers and nursing interference, and lastly how to handle a two year old's new phase of not wanting her Daddy around? Enjoy!

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