Totally Mommy
71 - Time For Advice w/Vanessa Ragland!

Elizabeth's dear friend, the talented and beautiful inside-n-out, Vanessa Ragland is here for this question/unqualified advice heavy episode. We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Independent play! No naps! New frustrations! Cheese! Carpet Poops!) before diving into a whole lotta listener questions about how much science (genetic testing, IVF, etc)  to use when there is a chance of having a child with a genetic disease, what are the slam-dunk new baby items we think everyone needs, when did Elizabeth do acupuncture for fertility when it worked for her pregnancy, how to stay connected to your sisters when they are all mothers and you are not, whether or not it's appropriate to post a breastfeeding photo online, and lastly, how to reconcile the fear that your child will be like an unpleasant relative who share a birthday? Enjoy!

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