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90 - Let's Make It Official w/Vanessa Ragland!

Big Totally Mommy news - introducing the latest bi-monthly permanent cohost for your listening pleasure, VANESSA RAGLAND! We adore her so much, just had to make it official! She's here to discuss work-in-Bulgaria related weaning, and our good/bad/funnies (Starting daycare! Smooth travels! Crying at daycare! Eating at daycare! Crying upon seeing mama! Fishy faces!). Then we give our unqualified advice to listener questions about feeling cracked open and worried in motherhood, what items we'd recommend for a registry (check out our recommendations HERE) how to navigate choosing guardianship for your child, what to do when your husband isn't quite ready for kids but you are, and lastly, how to approach a delicate grandparent jealousy between in laws? Enjoy!

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