Totally Mommy
17 - A Tearful Goodbye!

In today's episode we discuss The Good, The Bad, and The Funnies (Having an amazing partner, Saying goodbye to Baby Oprah for a work trip, and a banana line up that makes Elizabeth lose her poise momentarily) before answering listener questions about mommy playdates anxiety, labor preparation and parenting styles, whether to connect with the child of a sibling that is bat shit crazy, and how to address a relative about their smokey smell when they visit and care for the sweet smelling baby! Enjoy!

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16 - No Mustaches Allowed!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss technology as well as their Good, Bad, Funnies (Getting out!, Eating Issues! Public Sink Baths!) Before answering listener questions about posting your kids photos on social media, how to raise a feminist boy, and how to deal with hearing horrible stories of abuse when you are a new mom, as well as how to deal with your own instincts to protect (or overprotect) your child! (Hint: Baby Oprah will stay in her wrap/baby carrier until she is 18!) Enjoy!

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15 - Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Elizabeth and Cohost Andy discuss all things sleep now that it is the most important commodity in their lives. Plus, they cover good, the bad, and the funny before diving into listener questions regarding technology and children, why Elizabeth wanted the type of birth that she did, and lastly, how do they feel about Toddlers and Tiaras? Enjoy!

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14 - First Outing Failure w/ Andy!

Elizabeth and her fantastic co-host/baby daddy, Andy, discuss their first outing failure which involved a shaking dog and an epic Oprah meltdown before they dive into listener questions about vegan pregnancy, how to deflect birth choice negativity, what the process is for genetic testing, whether or not cord blood banking is worth it, and how to decide whether staying at home versus continuing a career is the right choice after baby? Enjoy!

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13 - Two Weeks Into Mommyhood w/ Andy!

Our guest, co-host today is Elizabeth's BABY DADDY, Andy! That's right, in case you haven't heard, we are two weeks into this parenthood frenzy and loving (mostly) every minute. We discuss The Good, The Bad & The Funny of being parents, as well as answer listener questions about how to handle overly generous in-laws, whether there's a way to have the birth you want when there's no birth center nearby, if it's a good idea to snag your future kiddos' email address ahead of time, and how to balance working and pursuing your creative dreams as a mama. Enjoy!

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