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21- It's A Poopcast w/Michaela McManus!

Our fabulous guest co-host today is the gorgeous inside-and-out actress and new mommy Michaela McManus! We discuss our love bugs - two weeks apart in age - in the Good/Bad/Funny (Everything! Poopsplosions! Dog meets nipple shield!) then answer listener questions about the first... ahem... BM post giving birth and how to cope when normal worries of motherhood and pregnancy feel extra scary. Enjoy!

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20 - Sleeping Kitty w/ Morgan Walsh!

She's baaaack! Elizabeth's own personal Oprah-esque quote giver and confidence booster, the fabulous Morgan Walsh is back with her sage advice and calming presence. She and Elizabeth share their Good/Bad/Funnies (School Plays! Car Troubles! Spanx Fails!) before answering listener questions about exercise during pregnancy and social media as a parent. Enjoy!

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19 - Breastfeeding In The Wild w/Andy!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their Good/Bad/Funnies (Finding a bottle that works! Painful toots! Mother's Day Giggles!) before diving into listener questions about dealing with dueling in-laws regarding baby, how to let an estranged mother know that she's going to be a grandmother, how to break the news that a sixth baby is on the way to the other five kids, how Elizabeth feels about the "it's so hard" and "sleep now" advice now that she's actually in it, whether or not certain nicknames are appropriate for a baby girl, and how to handle the disappointment of infertility month after month. Enjoy!

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18 - A Unique Baby w/Andy!

Andy & Elizabeth share their Good/Bad/Funnies - (Smiles galore! Mommy insecurities! She's her father's daughter!) plus they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about dealing with loss and having children, how to cope with feelings of anger regarding your child's rightful inheritance, whether or not to adopt and also if there's ever a switch that flips telling  you now's the time to have kids, how to deal with "twin lookers" when it makes you and your partner uncomfortable, and lastly - are second child showers cool to do? Enjoy!

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