Totally Mommy
30 - What's The Point w/ Jessica St. Clair!

She's the co-creator and co-star (along with guest cohost Lennon Parham!) of Elizabeth's new favorite show, Playing House on USA and is a complete ray of sunshine - the hilarious and adorable JESSICA ST. CLAIR comes on and discusses the Good/Bad/Funny (Crib Sleeping and Sleeping Through The Night!/ Egg Allergy or Vaccine and … / Baby photo meltdown and ….) Then they answer listener questions about sex after baby plus… what's the point in having kids? Jessica also shares her very touching story of how she decided to become a mom. Enjoy!

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29 - Front Butt w/ Kendall Kotiza Mahoney!

In this special episode, Elizabeth's childhood BFF and mom to three darling girls, KENDALL KOTIZA MAHONEY comes on and discusses the Good/Bad/Funny (Visiting Friends! Mommy Network!/ Poop Streaks! Sleep Regression!/ What's that on your front butt?!) before answering listener questions about sleep training books, babysitting conundrums with sensitive relatives, how to deal with potential infertility, and how to handle a husband's deployment with three kids to care for. Enjoy!

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28 - We Be Tired w/Theresa Thorn!

She's the hilarious co-host of the fantastically awesome podcast, "One Bad Mother" and mom to two gorgeous fellas - THERESA THORN co-hosts to discuss the Good/Bad/Funny (Potty Trained! First Flights!/ No Sleep!/ Pee tips from 3 year olds!) before diving into listener questions regarding kids and religion pressures from family members and how to deal with a relative whose mothering isn't quite up to snuff. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth dear friend, actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis is back to discuss all things Mommy! They tell their Good/Bad/Funnies (Potty trained! First vacay!/ Accidental Face Slap/ Accidental Arm scratch! Mommy, where's your penis? Sex and The City Girl!) before answering listener questions about multitasking while nursing, how a new baby poses challenges to a marriage, whether or not to leave LA to raise a child, how to deal with relatives' kids who aren't vaccinated, and lastly, how to raise a confident happy child who has some physical challenges? Enjoy!

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26 - Big Personalities w/Jamie Denbo!

She's a hilarious mom who keeps it real - and also is a huge inspiration for Elizabeth. Ronna and Beverly's JAMIE DENBO is today's cohost - she and Elizabeth discuss the Good/Bad/Funny (Cute Girlie Clothes! You're In Trouble With The Principal! Racist Children!) before answering listener questions about setting boundaries with kids' freedom, and whether or not it's best to wait after marriage to have kids or to dive right on in? Enjoy!

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