Totally Mommy
38 - Just Don't Beat Each Other Up w/Biz Ellis!

She's one half of the hilarious mommy podcast, One Bad Mother and mom to two - BIZ ELLIS is here to discuss the creative way that she and her hubs keep fun in their marriage involving kids toys, what the best age difference between siblings is, and why keeping your cool when your kid eats rocks should win you some mom awards. Then we answer a listener question about how to handle an uninvolved husband/father to your two kids. Enjoy!

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37 - Cloud Butt w/Amy Barham!

She's a gorgeous and lovely screenwriter who Elizabeth has wanted to "get to know" for a while, well now's her chance for all to hear! AMY BARHAM came by and discussed the good/bad/funny (Independent play! She found her tongue!/ Potty training! The never ending story!/ Cloud butt! Defaulting to mom!) before answering listener questions about which books or websites to read before baby, and how to deal with a difficult family situation involving the writer-inner's sister and her challenging son. Enjoy!

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36 - Pootastrophe w/ Lucy Sprigs!

She's the super cool easy breezy mommy that Elizabeth aspires to be - fashion copywriter LUCY SPRIGS Is today's cohost - we discuss our Good/Bad/Funnies (Patience! Quick Asleep-er!/ Poop on leg! Party Fussbucket!/ Animal Cracker Turd!) before answering listener questions about navigating maternity leave and childcare in a foreign country, how to add some husband wife time back into the mix, and what to expect financially when having a kiddo. Enjoy!

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35 - Not Your Boobs w/ Andy!

Andy and Elizabeth discuss the joys of traveling with a five month old before having a much needed discussion about public Breastfeeding. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about a trash-bag dad, how to handle a husband who wants to have just the two of you time when you're not ready to leave the baby, and lastly what to do when your partner doesn't see eye to eye with you regarding family planning. Enjoy!

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