Totally Mommy
43 - Laundry Forever w/Alexis Jaeger!

She's a new mom friend of Elizabeth's and is ACTUALLY qualified to give some sage advice - psychotherapist ALEXIS JAEGER is here to discuss our Good/Bad/Funnies (New friends! Clapping and waving!/Teething! The never-ending laundry!/ Smell my finger! Let's finish this book!) before answering listener questions about how to break up with a new mommy friend, how to decide what sort of school to send your child to, when/how/why to sex? and lastly, a big question about managing the new overwhelming and existential fears that come along with motherhood. Enjoy!

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42 - Patty Cake w/ Lennon Parham!


She’s back! Beautiful, wise, calming and hilarious - LENNON PARHAM, co-creator of our fave show, “Playing House” is in the house. We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Patty Cake! First tooth!/ Forgetting promises! Again don’t touch the baby!/ Croc to face! Daddy’s buying beer!) before answering some big listener questions about how to handle a friendships that don’t align on the parenting front and a question about an unsupportive mother when it comes to pregnancy. Enjoy! 

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41 - Don't Touch The Baby w/Psychic Andy!

Elizabeth's co-host today is the dude with the tude, ANDY! He's back for some Daddy talk - good, bad, funnies (Baby wearing! Excercise!/ Don't touch the baby! Breastfeeding merrygoround!/ People poop! Outdoor picnic!) before giving incredibly unqualified advice to listener questions about how to warm your man up to the idea of kids, what changes the most in a couple after having a baby, what 'gear" we like and why, how to handle the grim reality of infertility and some major health issues in a partner, and lastly how important is a no-tv rule and how hard is it to implement? Enjoy!

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40 - That's What Pharrell Does w/ LeeLee Pitts!

She's back for more! The talented and wonderful actress/writer/producer Leonora Pitts is here to discuss our good/bad/funnies (Scoot scoot boogie! Comforting siblings! Don't Touch My Baby! Helping hell! Race Conversations! New Food Faces!) before diving into a big listener question about making friends, ending friendships and developing friendships. Enjoy!

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39 - Aarti Paarti w/ Aarti Sequeira!

She's a TV personality, a chef extraordinaire, mom to a gorgeous 11 month old and a ray of sunshine. Newly published cookbook author, AARTI SEQUEIRA cohosts today and discusses our good/bad/funnies (Baby winks! Apologizing for your baby! Dirty Diapers in Trader Joes Parking Lots!) before diving into listener questions about: at what age do you flip carseats to forward facing (and whether that's a battle worth fighting), how much socializing a young child needs early on, and lastly a doozy of a question about becoming a surrogate. Enjoy!

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