Totally Mommy
56 - Bladder Emergencies w/Vanessa Ragland!

The glorious VANESSA RAGLAND is back and in primo co-hosting mode with tales of being lost with a full bladder and hysterical texts from babysitters. We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Dancing! Climbing stairs! Balance! Diaper Change fiascos! Reading farts! Dog poops matching baby food!) before answering listener questions about the fun/good/bad/funny vortex that is the pregnancy message board, whether or not to get the flu shot while pregnant, and the biggest question of them all - to circumcise or to not circumcise? Enjoy!

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55 - Fran Drescher To The Rescue w/Alexis Jaeger!

Dear friend and Psychotherapist, the wonderful ALEXIS JAEGER is back to discuss all things Mommy! We talk our good/bad/funnies (Healthy babies! Snuggle love! Feeling trapped! Food foiled! Three year old comments! Diaper on the car!) before answering listener questions about how to approach the topic of discussing private parts and good/bad touching as well as how to manage favoritism amongst kiddo siblings. Enjoy!

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54 - Sibling Chats w/LeeLee Pitts!

Today's episode is co-hosted with the all around lovely and sage LeeLee Pitts! We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Siblings communicating! Baby Oprah's a genius! No sleep! Being smug parents! Sleeping through the night!) before we answer listener questions about how to handle gifts that don't jive with your style or space, how to approach vegetarianism with a little one, and lastly how to handle the chaos of holidays/family get togethers when your sister's parenting style and energy is too much to handle. Enjoy!

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53 - Starting The Year Off With A Poo w/Stephanie Escajeda!

Happy New Year, Laimemoms! Good friend and frequent co-host, the hysterical STEPHANIE ESCAJEDA is here to keep it real with discussions of poosplosions, plus our good/bad/funnies (Christmas! Daddy Time! Santa Truths! Fear Wormholes! Words Of Wisdom! High Fives!) before answering listener questions about wanting your spouse to share your excitement for having kids, and how to get back into the groove after baby. Enjoy! *Warning, don't play this around kids for various reasons including Santa and orgasms!

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