Totally Mommy
60 - Come Play With My Daddy w/Amy Barham!

The beautiful and lovely AMY BARHAM is back to cohost with her soothing British accent! We discuss our good/bad/funnies (four years old! new communication! scary dreams! ER visits! Valentine's gone weird! No habla Englais!) before giving our unqualified advice to listener questions about dark post partum dreams and how to handle explaining adult stuff (prison visits) to your six year old when they are beginning to piece things together. Enjoy!

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59 - New Moms, New Wardrobes w/Daniella Liben Pally!


Style maven, DANIELLA LIBEN PALLY is back to discuss taking stock of your closet as a new mom, and what it’s like having kids super close in age (15 months apart!) Before she and Elizabeth dole out their good/bad/funnies (Learning to sniff! New little man of the house! Mom boredom! Potty Training! Not crying wolf after all! First crayon drawling!) before answering listener questions about the pain/healing part of labor and delivery (bubble of peace y’all!), how to handle a family member who seems disinclined to have her children bond with the family, and lastly, what’s the deal with giving kids the father’s last name? Enjoy!

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58 - Girls with Boy Names w/Holly Shakoor!


She’s a PR queen extraordinaire and fellow mama to a darling daughter. Elizabeth’s friend HOLLY SHAKOOR is here as co-host! She and Elizabeth discuss their good/bad/funnies (Buying new clothes/self care! She’s crawling! Daycare guilt! First sickness! It’s a girl… and her name is Teddy!  Name doubts based on emails!) Before answering listener questions about how to set up boundaries with female relatives after some major hurts surrounding motherhood, and how to let your husband know in a fun/cute/meaningful way that baby number two is en route! Enjoy!

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57 - The Dog Pod w/Theresa Thorn!

The lovely and honest THERESA THORN from Maxfun's One Bad Mother is back to discuss all things doggy! ER... mommy! And doggy! We talk about training these wild beasts before doling out our good/bad/funnies (Rays of sunshine! The 10 month sweet spot! Stuff, all the stuff! Sleep regression! Sippy cup drink-off! Ruby's new reality!) before giving our unqualified advice to listener questions about introducing new dog to new baby, why Elizabeth doesn't like for strangers to touch Baby Oprah, and lastly a question for our Laimemoms - anyone out there have a child with hearing loss who can offer support/advice to a fellow new mom? Enjoy!

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