Totally Mommy
73 - Worry Vortex w/LeeLee Pitts!

Elizabeth's dear friend and wonder mama, LeeLee Pitts is back cohosting and bringing hilarious stories true to form! After some quick, light discussion of horrific natural disasters and mommy worry, we dive into our good/bad/funnies (Clean house, clean heart! snuggle time! sapphire vomit! tantrums! Knock knock jokes!)  before giving our unqualified advice to listener questions about how to navigate visiting relatives who want the most time with baby, how to gracefully dodge nosy nellies when it comes to trying to conceive, and lastly, a big question about dealing with not getting pregnant right away and whether having had an abortion earlier in life might play a part. Enjoy!

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72 - Preemie Perfection w/Grey Delisle Griffin!

The most talented voice actor of all time, GREY DELISLE GRIFFIN is here to delight us with tales of mothering two boys (age 8 yrs and 9 mos) and of course we share our good/bad/funnies! (Understanding concepts! Hilarious thoughts of an 8 year old! Sick babies! Pre-eclampsia! Snot brush! Johnny Cash!) Then we discuss a heartbreaking listener question about co-parenting a four year old through a separation and potentially a divorce. Enjoy!

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71 - Time For Advice w/Vanessa Ragland!

Elizabeth's dear friend, the talented and beautiful inside-n-out, Vanessa Ragland is here for this question/unqualified advice heavy episode. We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Independent play! No naps! New frustrations! Cheese! Carpet Poops!) before diving into a whole lotta listener questions about how much science (genetic testing, IVF, etc)  to use when there is a chance of having a child with a genetic disease, what are the slam-dunk new baby items we think everyone needs, when did Elizabeth do acupuncture for fertility when it worked for her pregnancy, how to stay connected to your sisters when they are all mothers and you are not, whether or not it's appropriate to post a breastfeeding photo online, and lastly, how to reconcile the fear that your child will be like an unpleasant relative who share a birthday? Enjoy!

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70 - Thank God For "Mommy Friends" w/June Raphael!

LaimeMoms, SHE'S HERE! The co-host we've all been waiting for, the glorious JUNE RAPHAEL comes on and charms our mommy socks off! We discuss our good/bad/funnies (Morning sunshine! First steps! Supporting friends! Diaper Rash conversations! One year old car cruising! Knock knock who's there?!) before giving our unqualified advice to listener questions about how to divert or avoid instigative comments and questions about your pregnancy to-be, and also how to cope with the disappointment of not getting pregnant every month? Enjoy!

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