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114 - Moms To Two Year Olds!

Happy Births-days to us! Elizabeth and Vanessa discuss the wonderful new frontier of having two year olds, a challenging mothering moment for Elizabeth and their good/bad/funnies (Birthday boy! Incredible memories!/ Daycare dropoffs! Falling off the bed!/ Sweet wake ups! Teddy tattling on mommy!). Then they give their unqualified advice to a listener question about handling the worry and anxiety around a speech delayed toddler. Enjoy!

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113 - Quest For Questions!

Elizabeth and Vanessa dive right in and give their unqualified advice to listener questions about setting boundaries in a family with mental health issues who are active in your kids lives, whether to sacrifice the mother's sanity for a child's athletic endeavors, what to do about the fear of losing yourself to motherhood and letting go of a hard won creative career, how to navigate dealing with infertility when you are surrounded by other people's pregnancy joy, what we think a grandparents role should be in grandchildren's lives, and lastly what is a good gift to bring a three month old and their mother? Enjoy!

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112 - Disney Dreamin'!

Warning: Elizabeth and Vanessa get off to an x rated start before launching into their good bad funnies (Mama's Funny! Disney delight!/ Exhaustion!, Working away!/ My mama!, Disturbing reactions!). Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about choosing to be a single mother, what to do about a husband who isn't supportive of having a doula, how to approach freelance writing as a new mom, and what to do to deal with the frustration of not getting pregnant month after month? Enjoy!

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111 - Spanking Slapdown!

Elizabeth and Vanessa discuss their good, bad, funnies (routines! dog and kid walk! / Prolapse! tantrums!/ pumping noise! Penis butt! ) before really going big on a fantastic listener question about spanking, and whether there is a better way to discipline? Enjoy!

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110 - The Kid Loves Hats!

Elizabeth and Vanessa find out that they have even more in common than they thought via bakery businesses and food issues before diving into their good/bad/funnies (baking together! Solo play!/ Marriage backburner! hair cut!/ Making new mom friends! He loves hats!). Then they answer a two-parter listener question about breastfeeding - what was Elizabeth's experience with elimination dieting for digestive issues, and what can we say in regards to the struggle of breastfeeding and the decision to stop or supplement with formula? Enjoy!

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