Totally Mommy
127 - Vacay Paradise!

Vanessa's back after a fun filled vacay, yay! She and Elizabeth discuss their good/bad/funnies (Awesome trip, no tantrums! Siblings holding hands! / Flight back fear! Choking scare! / Hola Man! Husband jumped ship!) before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether a toddler's aggressive behavior is just a phase or something more, how to navigate playdates with children of varying levels of aggression and mothers with varying degrees of comfort, and what to do about a sister who is a new mom and might be in a terrible hoarder/controlling husband situation? Enjoy!

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126 - Just Gotta Dump It!

Elizabeth and Vanessa dive head first into question city on today's episode, giving their unqualified advice to queries about a nice gift for your son's step-mom-to be, how to cope with in laws who seem to favor the other grandchildren, what to do with strong feelings of competition with an awesome sister in law, what to do about a childless friend who seems upset about her changing friendships due to motherhood, how to let a relative know that it is not okay to post photos of your children online, how to introduce more veggies into your picky toddler's diet, what a good come-back is for rude people judging your expanding family, and how to let a well meaning mother in law know that she is over staying her welcome? Enjoy!

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125 - Is Etiquette A Thing Of The Past?

Elizabeth and Vanessa share their good/bad/funnies (Medicine! Oliver's box! / Tactical tantrums! Sleep stress! / Why on earth is he crying? Oliver rehearsing scenes! ) before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not thank you cards are a thing of the past, how to navigate a trillion toddler birthdays and gifts each summer, what are the must haves for becoming a new mom, and what to do about family planning when you and your spouse are not on the same page? Enjoy!

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124 - Proper Names For Privates!

Elizabeth and Vanessa dive out of their wine glasses and into some awesome listener questions about what to do or bring for a friend who has just had her first baby, a VERY IMPORTANT question about whether or not it's okay to use "cute" names for private parts with our children, whether it's a good idea to bring baby for a 5 day work trip or leave at home with Daddy, how to navigate a stressful living situation with your sister in law who might be a neglectful parent, and lastly, is it okay to intervene if you suspect there's some learning delays for a child that are not being addressed by a friend? Enjoy!

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123 - You Are In the Perfect Place!

Vanessa and Elizabeth get into self help territory to start before sharing their good/bad/funnies (Fun in the water! Last pump session! / Rambunctious energy! Weaning hormones!/ Youtube personality obsessions! Inside singing jokes!). Then they give their unqualified advice to a fun listener question about how they chose their children's names! Enjoy!

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