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28 - We Be Tired w/Theresa Thorn!

She's the hilarious co-host of the fantastically awesome podcast, "One Bad Mother" and mom to two gorgeous fellas - THERESA THORN co-hosts to discuss the Good/Bad/Funny (Potty Trained! First Flights!/ No Sleep!/ Pee tips from 3 year olds!) before diving into listener questions regarding kids and religion pressures from family members and how to deal with a relative whose mothering isn't quite up to snuff. Enjoy!

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She's a hilarious comedy performer and actress, and has such a great, balanced insight into motherhood - mama to three, MORGAN WALSH comes on and we discuss the good (pizza hugs), the bad (skin problems), and the funny (lunchbox boobs) plus a discussion about cooking with the kids and then she and Elizabeth answer listener questions about whether or not you have to know 100% that you want kids, and whether or not to remain in a friendship with someone who struggles with alcoholism as a new mother. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth's childhood friend and mom to 2.5 yr. old Scout, Erin Collier comes on Totally Mommy to discuss The Good: Scout becoming her own person; Elizabeth excited to meet Baby Oprah~ The Bad: Elizabeth peeing her pants a little bit when she sneezes; Scout throwing tantrums, and The Funny: Andy eating cheezits in their childbirth class, Scout copying mommy's potty mouth. Then Erin discusses the process of becoming a mom with her wife, Brooke. Lastly, Elizabeth and Erin offer their unqualified advice to listener questions! Enjoy!

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Listen in for a foreword (it's 13 full minutes so feel free to skip ahead if you'd like!) to this episode regarding birth choices and judgement from Elizabeth before a fun albeit tear-filled conversation with writer and VH1 correspondent Kate Spencer about becoming a Mother when we don't have our own Mothers. Plus some great Good/Bad/Funnies as well as our unqualified advice/answer to an excellent listener question regarding guilt in parenting! Enjoy!

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It's our inaugural episode with a guest host! Today Elizabeth's friend ~ actress, director, writer and mother extraordinaire Leelee Pitts comes on and discusses her two unmedicated births, how kids manage to poop up their backs, and how important balance is (whaaa?!). Then they answer a listener question about having a baby shower when it's an adoption without knowing the exact date of baby's arrival! Enjoy!

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Welcome to Totally Mommy! In our very first episode, Elizabeth and her guest/Husband Andy discuss the good, the bad and the funny: Good is feeling baby Oprah kick and future In-N-Out trips with Daddy, Bad is being scared they got the gender wrong and less sex than before, and Funny is the reaction to baby's name and something having to do with Adult Content on Andy's part. Then they answer listener questions about fearing social snafu's for your child at school and whether or not Elizabeth enjoys people touching her pregnant belly. Thank you for listening - hope you enjoy!

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