Totally Mommy
144 - Good Bad Funnies Ahoy!

Elizabeth and Vanessa share their good/bad/funnies (Sitting up on own! Love of plants! / Unravelling the sick perks! A long toddler instructions list! / You want ice cream, you got it!  Not interested in what's for dinner!) Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to navigate a former friendship for the sake of the kids, which guardians to choose for your children, how to handle awkward family christmases that aren't good influences for children, what's the appeal of unmedicated birth, whether to continue a blog about motherhood and if it's disrespecting your child's privacy, how to explain makeup to a three year old without guiding him/her into patriarchal stereotypes, how to work from home as a mother and structure your days, and what to do with a facebook happy mother in law whose political views are offensive?

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143 - We're With Her!

Elizabeth and Vanessa profess their love for the one and only Hillary Clinton! Then they discuss consent, misogyny and a whole slew of awesome listener questions such as - how to deflect anti girl baby sentiment, how to sleep train a four month old, how to overcome PTSD from a first labor to have a good experience with the second, how to cope with mom jealousy, how to teach little ones hygiene, how to navigate a terrible maternity leave nightmare where there's no support, how to encourage  your spouse to address their emotional issues before getting pregnant, how to accept a change in family planning that wasn't expected, and what to do if you thought you'd be ready to start a family but aren't sure. Enjoy!

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142 - Steer Your Own Ship!

Elizabeth and Vanessa share their good/bad/funnies (bye bye! Forging a hay path!/ Tooth bruisers! Missed the parent night!/ Hot blue! Finding a parking spot game!) before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about articulating to your husband that you need some "me" time, how to include your deceased parent in your children's lives, how to deflect judgmental statements from a mother figure, how to set boundaries going into parenthood with a narcissistic mother, how to avoid having to attend an awful church when visiting grandparents, and lastly can we all cool it with all these kids snacks all day erry day?! Enjoy!

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141 - Practical and Logical!

Elizabeth and Vanessa dive right into giving their unqualified advice to awesome listener questions about navigating new sleep patterns after introducing a toddler, bed, how to address some tension with your best friend after a toddler tiff, when and how to begin having a dialogue with your toddler about their bodies and private areas, what to do about a oujia board table in the garage and other creepy stuff going on in the house, how to advocate for your pregnancy when it might be high risk due to cervical issues, how to navigate family get togethers when one relative has guns, how to alleviate the daughter guilt with your mom in order to alleviate your mom's guilt yourself, and what to do about dealing with depression and anxiety going into becoming pregnant? Enjoy!

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